In college I played football for the NDSU Bison in Fargo, North Dakota in the early ’70’s. Back then people were just starting to hear about their phenomenal success as a small college football power. We had a winning combination of dedicated coaches and young men eager to learn, get stronger and meld into an amazing team with a successful program that extended many years and up to this past year. Today, real estate is sometimes viewed as a game. It takes skill, education, communication, courage, a team approach with a firm resolve to weigh in and get you what you want most: a successful real estate transaction. Some of my favorite role models throughout much of my development years were my father and mother.Faith and family account for the lion’s share of my growing up confidence. Deanna, my amazing spouse of 43 years created a healthy environment raising 5 successful children, 3 married with 10 grandchildren. The Golden Rule, ‚Äútreat others as you would like to be treated” continuously helped guide us through. We understand the value of working through issues until there is resolution. The real glue, though of relationships, I find, is a trust in God first for everything.

My background includes 15 years as a floorcovering specialist in skilled trades and sales, 23 years in real estate. I understand stress and seek to practically deal with it. My clients, whether selling a home, purchasing one, going through a short sale or foreclosure, can look forward to their concerns being handled by putting them first. Please feel free to visit my website www.DavidWhite.KWrealty.com I would be honored to learn about you and your story. Real people like you are worth a plan for action. Let’s get started today. Best regards, David White

Thank you for your trust. It would be an honor to serve you